Purpose Preparation Membership

You are moments away from discovering your purpose through life's struggles and purposeful preparation because tomorrow is too late to be GREAT.


Crossroads to purpose

  • You have an issue with moving beyond your past
  • You have a hard time articulating who you are in God
  • You fear giving God control of your life
  • You need help with time management and organization skills
  • You need help with turning your testimony into your ministry
  • You don't understand who you are as a leader

These are some of the reasons we started this membership program.

Why Purpose Preparation?

We saw a disconnect in churches and faith communities in teaching its members how to live on purpose in the 21st century. We cover all areas of your life that pertain to your purpose. We are spiritual and physical beings which means we can't neglect the practical applications of life. We've created a system that helps you gain clarity, develop your gifts and skills to lead your ministry and business.

All Access Membership

All-Access (Tier 1)

1 30-minute coaching session quarterly

  • 60+ development videos (new videos added quarterly)
  • 30+ assessment downloads (new assessments added quarterly)
  • 1 monthly group Q&A sessions
  • 1 monthly group "Hear it First" interview (coaching graduates/clients)
  • Inspirational Messages
  • 30% off all Coaching and VIP packages
  • 40% of ecourses
  • Membership Community
  • $19.99 monthly (billed annually) *Limited time offer
  • $22.99 monthly payments *Limited time off
Payment Options

All-Access (Tier 2)

1 55-minute coaching session every month

  • 60+ development videos (new videos added quarterly)
  • 30+ assessment downloads (new assessments added quarterly)
  • 1 monthly group Q&A sessions
  • 1 monthly group "Hear it First" interview (coaching graduates and clients)
  • Inspirational Messages
  • 30% of all Coaching and VIP packages
  • 40% off ecourses
  • Membership Community
  • $64.99 monthly (billed annually) *Limited time offer
  • $74.29 monthly payments *Limited time offer
Payment Options

What's the difference between Tier 1 & Tier 2

With Tier 2 you get everything in Tier 1 with the addition of monthly coaching sessions. Over the course of a year, Tier 2 members get 10 extra one-on-one hours with me. That is the equivalent of our Level-1 coaching package. We recommend Tier 2 for those that want the extra accountability and mastermind sessions to implement your ministry more efficiently. We recommend Tier 1 if you trust yourself to stay on task.

This week only!

When you sign up for Tier 2 you get:

  • 50% off all Coaching packages ($1,799-$5,999 value)
  • VIP Target Audience Package for FREE ($699 value)
  • Who am I in Christ? ecourse for FREE ($99 value)
  • Forgive Me ecourse for FREE ($34.99 value)
  • I Don't have Time for God ecourse for FREE ($24.99 value)
  • A copy of The Resistance Book ($23.99 value)

Maximum value of $6,880

*Can be used anytime during your membership

Kindle Develop Hone Strategy

Where you find all of our development videos and downloads.


It's time to refine your mind through self-examination, forgiving yourself of your past, gaining self and spiritual awareness, leaving your fears behind and coping with stress properly. This section contains 34 development videos and assessments.


It's time to reimagine your goals and the only way to see them through is with excellent time and organizational skills. As you get structed we'll help you understand your ministry and those who need your influence. This section contains 16 development videos and assessments.


What type of leader do you want to be? How are you going to help solve others problems to bring them closer to God? This section helps you excel and release the power within you. This section contains 13 development videos and assessments.

Live training!

Where we discuss and answer questions you have for me and our coaching graduates and clients.

Q&A Sessions

Ask me anything in these sessions pertaining to the kindle, develop and hone system, your business and future endeavors. These sessions are 1 hour.

Hear it First Interviews

Hear it first interviews are with clients that have gone through my coaching program. After I ask them a few questions, you get to probe them about our coaching package.


These one-one-one sessions give you some private time with me to fast track your growth. Just add yourself to our Tier 1 or Tier 2 calendar to go over your assessments or follow up from Q&A sessions.

Community of Accountability Partners

With our community you'll have multiple accountability partners. You can chat about our assessments, Q&A sessions, Hear it First Interviews and more. There's nothing like joining a group of like minded people.

Match made in Heaven or nah?

This membership is for you:

If you’re willing to work through what’s holding you hostage

If you’re unsure of which steps to take next but you are ready for clarity

If you need strategic ways to help you achieve your goals

If you recognize it’s God’s plan, not yours, that you are pursuing

If you want to gain more knowledge in turning your testimony into your ministry

If you are an entrepreneur that wants to get detailed in your business

This membership is not for you:

If you aren't ready to work through your past

If you make excuses as to why you don’t get things done

If you say yes to others before yourself

If you don't want a community that holds you accountable for your growth

If you don’t believe in God

If you are looking for overnight success

If you believe everything you do is the only way

Meet Kendra

Kendra Dublin is a Millennial Strategist, Author and Speaker. She is the owner of God’s Perspective for Me LLC. Her mission is to guide millennials to their God-given purpose discovered through life's struggles and purposeful preparation.

Kendra has written two volumes of “God’s Perspective for Me,” and is a collaborator of “The Resistance” book. She's also a contributor to the online magazine “Beauty & The Gospel” based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Kendra is one of the co-founders of the “Feed You Purpose” brunch for young adults.

Kendra has spoken at various events such as ladies days, youth, and young adult conferences. She was a member of the Carolina Christian Toastmasters group which assisted her growth as an inspirational speaker.

As Kendra continued to speak, she thought there had to be a way to practically help people to live in their purpose on a daily basis. After revisiting how God brought her back to him, she started putting a system together that anyone could prosper from, during and after their coaching. This brought Purpose Preparation Coaching as a part of her expertise. 

Now she has turned her coaching system into a membership program.

See what our clients are saying

"I thoroughly enjoyed Kendra's coaching program and the different areas it covered. It was the perfect addition to the work I was already doing."

- Delora Sutton, Dance Therapist

"The uniqueness of her program will make any individual excel in becoming who they are to be. Her excitement and obedience in God makes her a trusted advisor."

- Tiffiany Langston, Speaker & Blogger

"I don’t even recognize myself since starting this journey 4 months ago! I highly recommend Kendra’s services!"

- Amber Casey, SaveOne Teacher

Tomorrow is too late to be GREAT.