Purpose Preparation Academy

Equipping Christians for Abundant Life and Online Ministry.

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Have you had a problem with:

  • Moving beyond your past
  • Fearful of the unknown and failure
  • Articulating who you are in God
  • Time management and organization skills
  • Starting your ministry
  • Trying to control God's plans

And are searching for a place to go but:

  • The people you follow are out of reach
  • Educational communities of Believers are hard to find
  • It's hard being authentically you at church
  • Your spiritual leaders don't know how to practically help you develop

Well, thankfully, all that is behind you...

Introducing the

Purpose Preparation Academy

When you enroll you get everything you need to start your ministry:

Kendra Dublin

Get Ya Mind Right Course

  • How to turn your mismanaged day for intimate time with God
  • How to keep moving every day and get things done even you are overwhelmed
  • How to forgive yourself of your past sins to feel worthy of God’s plans
  • How to face your fears and keep walking
  • How to say no and leave perfectionism to do God's work
  • How to let go of toxic relationships to make room for the right people
  • How to be optimistic when problems arise
  • How to leave your old self behind
Millennial Digital Ministry Academy

Get Ya Ministry Right Course

  • How to validate who you are in Christ
  • How to be grateful in all circumstances
  • How to navigate ALL of your gifts
  • How to set goals and move toward your vision daily
  • How to develop time management skills to breathe throughout the day
  • How to be organized to stop confusion
  • How to find your ministry audience to influence quickly
Millennial Digital Ministry Academy

Get Ya Branding Right Course

  • How be an effective leader in ministry
  • How to be an effective listener for your audience's solutions
  • How to deal with conflict, so you don't "go off"
  • How to brand your ministry to look professional
  • How to tell you testimony so it inspires people to action
  • How to strategize your online presence without being on social media all day
  • Social media tutorials and templates

You also get

Extra Trainings

to monetize your ministry:

Millennial Digital Ministry Academy

Get Ya Church Right Course

  • How to incorporate yourself at your congregation to influence
  • How to research your church to make your ministry fit your church
  • How to plan the ministry for six months without frustration
  • How to reach your goals with a team
  • How to go to your leadership to get a yes
  • Multiple templates for implementation
Millennial Digital Ministry

Get Ya Speaking Right Course

  • How to write effectively
  • How to put your signature talk together
  • How to have proper body language while speaking
  • What to research to bring your signature talk to life
  • How to break your signature talk down for all events
  • How to write your Speaker Sheet and biography
  • How to design your speaker sheet and book yourself
  • How to write your testimonial book with a full template
Get Ya Money Right

Get Ya Money Right Course

  • How to analyze your ministry data to post the right thing
  • How to niche your audience to get more money
  • How to create free business accounts
  • How to decide and write your free lead magnets for your first client
  • How to design your lead magnets
  • How to start email marketing and what to include
  • How to position your uniqueness to stand out
  • How to set business goals to make sure you are on track
  • How to monetize your lead magnets

Live training & Resources!

Q&A Sessions

Ask me anything in these sessions pertaining to our courses, trainings and implementation. We will have two Q&As each month which are 2 hours, and you won't miss a thing with the #replay.

Community Hub

With our community you'll have accountability partners to support you. You can chat about our assessments, Q&A sessions, and more in our hub. There's nothing like joining a group of like minded people off social media.


You get 44 lessons and over 100 assessments and worksheets to stay on track with your growth. You'll also get real-time solutions for real-time problems.

What's the value of transforming?

  • Get Ya Mind Right Course
  • Get Ya Ministry Right Course
  • Get Ya Branding Right Course
  • Get Ya Church Right Course
  • Get Ya Speaking Right Course
  • Get Ya Money Right Course
  • Bi-weekly group Q&A sessions
  • #Replay of Q&A sessions
  • Academy Community Hub off social media
  • Quarterly and Bi-annual Celebrations
  • Website feature*

*Upon completion of the Get Ya Mind, Ministry & Branding Right Courses

Monthly: $149

Annually: $1,490 (two months free)


Listen to these transformations

Our clients have gained intimacy with God, let go of the past, understood how to use their gifts, cultivated time management and leadership skills and crafted their ministries.

We also celebrate your wins when you finish our

Courses and Milestones!

Each quarter we celebrate everyone who finishes their courses and twice a year we celebrate those who have graduated from all of our "Begin your Ministry" and "Monetize" courses.

Success Stories continued

"Working with Kendra was definitely a win. Kendra was influential in helping me recognize Gods’ power and how to utilize the word to overcome my vices. That discipline aided in a constant transformation of developing an intimate relationship with God and honing in on my purpose. I found her to be honest, faithful, and knowledgeable." (Struggled with past failures and intimacy in Christ)

- Stacy Bean, Evangelist

"Working with Kendra is transformative!  As a coach, Kendra's "warm demander" style motivated me to practice self-examination and encouraged me to see myself the way the Holy God sees me.  Kendra's coaching requirement of daily Bible reading anchored my self-reflections, and she helped me connect my God-given gifts to my purpose(s) in HIS kingdom." (Struggled with self-worth, past failures and consistency in Christ.)

- Shanetta Waller, Bible Study Teacher

"I thank God so much that He led me to you in such a divine way. It was a testament to God’s faithfulness and how much He’s used you to bless me, encourage me, challenge me, mentor me, and walk with me on this journey. It’s been an honor to have you as my coach these past 6 months. I’m so excited for what the Lord has in store in the days to come!" (Struggled with pride, self-worth and stepping out for Christ)

- Thomasina Anane, Teacher & Mentor

Purpose Preparation Coaching

"It wasn't easy but she walked with me through my process to help me understand my past and trauma. Kendra, thank you! I know it wasn't easy working with me; I can be a whole complete trip. I thank you for staying committed even when I wanted to give up." (Struggled with negative self-talk, bad cycles and consistency in Christ.)

- Rhondraneika Shaw, Coach

Purpose Preparation Coaching

"Kendra and her program are AWESOME! Her methods, the assignments, the one-on-one chats and the check-ins hold you accountable, making you face the truth about yourself and God.  I am becoming the person God intended for me to be and He used Kendra to help me clean the foggy lens that I was looking at God through." (Struggled with grief , complacency and surrendering to Christ.)

- Kelly Franklin Neal, Speaker & Worship Leader

Kendra Dublin

"I have not only learned that my purpose is to help Christian Millennials grow closer relationships with Christ, I have found my way back home to Christ. Now I lead a bi-weekly Bible Study for Christian millennials." (Struggled with strongholds and surrendering to Christ.)

- Melinda Douglass, Bible Study Teacher

Kendra Dublin

"The uniqueness of her program will make any individual excel in becoming who they are to be. Her excitement and obedience in God makes her a trusted advisor." (Struggled with healing from abuse and examining her heart.)

- Tiffiany Langston, Bible Study Teacher, Speaker & Writer

Kendra Dublin

"Working with Kendra was amazing! She loves what she does and it shows. Her authenticity and transparency is refreshing! One thing that really stood out to me was how she credited the Holy Spirit for the power she possesses." (Struggled with time management, people pelasing and consistency in Christ.)

- Erinne Perry, Writer & Evangelist

"I thoroughly enjoyed Kendra's coaching program and the different areas it covered. It was the perfect addition to the work I was already doing." (Struggled with comparison past failures and intimacy in Christ.)

- Delora Sutton, Licensed Dance Therapist

Christian life coach

Meet Kendra

Kendra Dublin is a Millennial Strategist, Author and Speaker and the owner of God’s Perspective for Me® LLC. She helps Christian Millennials release past wounds so they can turn their testimony into their online ministry and answer God's call through Purposeful Preparation.

Kendra is sought out for her work with millennials and cultivating unique ways to keep them on track with God’s purpose in our current culture. Kendra’s story of alcoholism has made her an expert in overcoming difficulties and making lifestyle changes. She wants to give hope where there is fear, and where pain resides is knowledge for achievement.

Kendra has written two volumes of “God’s Perspective for Me®,” and is a collaborator of “The Resistance” book with Becky A. Davis, while being a contributor for the online magazine “Beauty & The Gospel” based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Kendra wishes to lead a life of excellence and action in Christ and hopes others will do the same through her ministry. he

Tomorrow is too late to be GREAT!