Posting Made Easy Package

Build your ministry brand with 6 months’ worth of spiritual content in 2 hours to start getting booked and give me a call for extra assurance.

For Christian Women Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Coaches and those you aspire to walk in these callings.

For our Fast Action price of $79.

Content for Days 24-week guide to rest easy

I know you're thinking, how in the world can I produce all this content in just 2 hours? Well, that was my job to set you up, now it's your turn to do the simple work.

With this 24-week posting schedule you will get people noticing you, so your name starts to cycle around your community, and you have the confidence in God and yourself to get his work started.

You will be consistent in posting because you'll know exactly what to post and it's authentic to your ministry. Holy Spirit will use you in ways you can't even imagine.

Plus, you'll get 7 other guides, templates and tutorials to round out your ministry brand.

Free Photoshoot

You get a 1-page guide on how to have a professional photoshoot this week without the hassle of deposits, payments and photographer's schedule to work around so people take your ministry seriously.

Follower Insight for Influence

You will know what your audience is thinking, how they respond to you and how they want to overcome to influence them towards God's path.

Ministry Platform

You will get started in the right place and utilize the latest tools to maximize your reach without feeling overwhelmed with "trying to be everywhere".

Put a Design On It

Use your free photoshoot you get a developed brand, so when your potential clients scroll they recognize you and stop.

Schedule at the Snap of a Finger

1-page guide to get rid of procrastination by knowing how to automate your postings while still living your best life off social media.

Strategy Beyond

1-page guide to have additional implementation skills that go beyond your 6 months' worth of content to keep your ministry going.

Triple Check My Brand Call

To make sure you're on the right track, give me a call so we can make sure:

  • You are confident in postings
  • You don't allow perfectionism to get in the way
  • You are accountable to your word
  • You have confirmation on the work you've done
  • 15 minutes of high-level strategy tips to move forward

Get our ONE-TIME Fast Action price of $79. (The same thing I teach my 1-on-1clients for $829)

Once the offer goes away, you will be redirected to our expiration page.

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Posting Made Easy Package

Get ready to get booked!



Bible Studies

What do you have to lose?

Our "Guaranteed to Get Booked" assurance or your money back, has no expiration date.

If you do the work and have not gotten asked to speak at an event, podcast, bible study, etc., over the next 12 months, it's on us. You have everything to gain.

Order Summary
Posting Made Easy Package

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